Designing a disruptive brand for law and justice: Agami Prize

Agami Prize is a biennial national prize awarded to innovations and entrepreneurial initiatives that can exponentially increase quality, effectiveness, access, and inclusion in and around law and justice.

The other initiatives include an annual Agami Summit, a biannual Agami Challenge and frequent Agami Mixers.


Identity Design

Brand Communication

Campaign & Marketing


The logo is constructed using a grid of circles. This cluster of circles is representative of the coming together of communities, collectives or multiple ecosystems. The symbol borrows from the letterform 'A'.

The logotype has been created by tweaking an existing typeface to give it a slight distinction and unique flair.


The grid of circles can be used to create symbols or patterns with intentional meaning. In this case, the icons represent the three categories for Agami Prize – Industry, Citizenship and Idea.


We’ve worked with Studio Sky for nearly one year now on defining our core branding. The results have been fantastic. If I had to identify a couple of things that have really stood out:

  • Seema’s ability to really understand the business concepts she is working with, complex legal concepts in our case, and reduce them to the values that can create a powerful brand or piece of communication

  • My personal favourite: her process of iterating concepts with the client and patient commitment to get to the finish line. To be able to see early concepts, and rest assured that your designer is open to feedback and will work with you till you are satisfied is huge.


When you are working with multiple stakeholders then having a partner like Studio Sky whose style of working makes it feel like they are in your team and not a third party contractor is invaluable.

Sachin Malhan

Co-founder & CEO | HumLab


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