Creating a world of infinite goodness: Cinnamon Soul

Cinnamon Soul is a brand of handcrafted luxury soaps, using natural botanical ingredients that are good for the skin and the environment.


Brand Positioning

Packaging Design


Most organic brands tend to be perceived as rustic. However, Cinnamon Soul wanted to be position itself in the luxury category, due to the nature of its premium ingredients.


For the product packaging, we took inspiration from the botanical nature of the soaps, and created a set of hand-painted watercolour textures. Soft, delicate washes of colour – an abstract representation of the core ingredient in each product.

  • Handcrafted

    The core thought behind the packaging design was to create a set of hand-painted watercolours textures.

  • Fluid

    The watercolours are intentionally soft, fluid and slightly abstract in nature – with just a hint of the ingredients.

  • Focus

    The watercolour painting for each soap box celebrates the core ingredients with the colours and textures.

  • Scalable

    This visual style can easily be adapted to other aromas and fragrances in future, as well as additional product categories.


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