Adding play to everyday life: Footsy

Footsy is a design-led brand of playful socks, that created a niche for itself in the otherwise unorganised hosiery industry in India.



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Packaging Design

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Surface Design


Socks were considered a mundane hosiery product in India. Completely functional. Totally neglected. And, utterly boring. In this industry, socks were only black, beige, grey and white in colour.


Nobody was excited by the thought of socks. Studio Sky needed to change this perception.


Studio Sky carved out a new niche in the Indian socks industry. In an otherwise functional category, we created an opportunity and a language for creativity and play.

We broke the stereotype.


The brand name, Footsy, has a cheeky playfulness about it, reminiscent of under-the-table flirtations. The name immediately connects with the product category, and has a strong recall value as well.


The logo is a playful circular form, with custom handcrafted lettering, creating a cheerful and light-hearted visual appeal. The colour red – an embodiment of boundless energy.

We coined the tagline 'play a little' that defined the core essence of everything Footsy is and does.


The product labels were simple black-and-white paper tags, so as to keep printing costs low. The simplicity of the tags also ensured that the socks stood out, and got more attention.

To keep things quirky and playful, we included short evocative notes at the back of the tags.

The packaging for shoelaces celebrated the colour of the products. Again, this had to a low-cost solution. We sourced redundant paper CD covers from local stationery stores at throwaway prices (since nobody really used CD's anymore). The pop of colour through the transparent cutout created an eye-catching and playful product packaging.

Cornerstones of the Brand

At every step, the brand story had to fulfil these three aspects.





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