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A school for creative thinkers and doers: Ekya Schools

Ekya Schools is a community of learners, thinkers, doers and change-makers. A spirit of togetherness, collaboration and unity is instilled in every student. Creative thinking and problem solving are a part of the day-to-day curriculum at Ekya.

Studio Sky has worked with Ekya Schools to develop a brand language that was able to establish the school as a creative space.


Brand Communication


We collaborated with the little students of Ekya Schools, to build the brand language together. Based on the various brand ideologies we wanted to communicate, the students (across age groups) worked on a range of drawings.

For a school that teaches the value of collaboration and togetherness, this felt like the perfect design solution.


The brochure unfolds the story of the '10 things you should know about Ekya Schools'. Through our conversations and discussions with the Ekya team, we identified the unique aspects of Ekya. The students did all the drawings and doodles for us. The end result was a brochure co-designed by the students of Ekya, along with us.


Ekya named the four houses based on the natural elements – air, water, earth and fire. We created simple symbols for each of them, with each flag carrying a hint of the primary Ekya colour.


The calendar features drawings of 12 students, with a short note explaining the idea. This calendar was widely distributed amongst parents, partners and other academic affiliations – and resulted in a sense of pride amongst the students.

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