Seema Seth

Founder + Design Director

I want to make things that matter.

The reason for Studio Sky coming into being, and the reason for its continued existence. My first few years in the design industry taught me so much; the lifecycle of a project, the design process, the lessons from successes and failures. I made colleagues and friends. I found friends in clients. I learnt, very slowly, how to design with intention.

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Significant problem-solving does not happen in isolation.

You need several hands, minds and eyes, a team that works well together. The friends, collaborators and partners with whom I work make every project stronger, sharper, better. Some of my longest partnerships are a result of the solid trust and transparency in our working relationships. Forging a connection, outside of the task at hand, is so important to understanding the people you’re working with. It gives you an insight into how they think, and why they do what they do.

Design inspires change.

I enjoy being out of my comfort zone. The unfamiliarity of a new space or experience really heightens the senses. To be able to ‘see’ something for the very first time is thrilling. It’s the same excitement when I know I’ve arrived at a hardworking idea or concept. When you can truly ‘see’ something, feel it, and play with it – it’s a rush. I’m restless. My mind is constantly in motion.

Moments that inspire me…

Ladakh, Nov 2022

Visited Leh for a week to co-conduct a workshop on an Introduction to Branding, along with long-time colleague, Manu. I learnt so much in my short time there – about Ladakhi culture and history, about making conscious and mindful choices, about focus and passion. From spending time at a private textile museum, to visiting young fashion brands committed to Ladakhi pashmina. From trying all the local flavours, to finding unique silver jewellery pieces. It's a place that truly stirred my soul.

Uzbekistan, Oct 2022

I had the opportunity to travel to Central Asia on work. This country, especially the magical town of Bukhara, and Samarkand, are so overwhelmingly beautiful, that you actually have to look away. The intricate craftsmanship of their architecture, jewellery, textiles and ceramics inspired a signage project we were working on. Although a vegetarian like me had to eat pilaf on repeat, I would go back to Bukhara in a heartbeat, if I could.

Kyrgyzstan, Oct 2022

The Equal One team (the kindest humans) took as to their protected landscape at Shamshy Nature Reserve, a few hours' drive from Bishkek. We spent 24 unforgettable hours there – hiking up the stream in heavy snowfall, making a snowperson, playing some mind-bending matchstick games, spotting a herd of ibex playing in the mountains, and just experiencing a new culture, and making wonderfully diverse new friends.