An opportunity to imagine possibilities for the future

Partners Conservation Alliance

Enabling ethical nature conservation

Jaadui Pitara

An exemplar for Foundational Learning

Equal One

A community-centric economic development initiative

People + AI

The power of AI for social good


Pure. Artisanal. Single-Origin Chocolates.

Unboxing BLR

The city of new beginnings

The Pizza Bakery

Eating is serious business

AZB & Partners

Enhancing the personality of India's foremost law firm


Decoding the pandemic era work trends for law firm professionals

Suresh Venkat

Creating a personal brand for a maverick

IIT Roorkee | 175 years

Celebrating India's landmark institution


Living spaces with a touch of tradition and soul


Everyday conversations about health

Arati Mirji

Creating a signature flower, for a sugar flower artist

Foundation for Ecological Security

Conservation of land, forest and water resources in eco-fragile areas


Making space for resolution

Future Group | Annual Reports

A set of three Annual Reports for for a fast moving consumer generation

CMR University | Annual Diary & Calendar

For all the seasons in the year

Cinnamon Soul

A brand of handcrafted luxury soaps


The most playful socks you've ever seen

Bengaluru Design Week 2018

Breathing life into India's very first design week

Association of Designers of India

A voice for design in India

CMR Group of Institutions | Reflections

Celebrating a legacy of 25 years

Daily Dump

Fixing the broken compost route

A Thousand Cranes

Designing a brand that gives flight to wishes

Entrepreneurship Week

Living an entrepreneurial dream

Champions Tennis League

Bringing world-class tennis to India


A Performance Arts space dedicated to Theatre, Music, Dance and Comedy