A brand with a spirit to 'do more': Spree Hospitality

Spree Hotels & Resorts is a chain of budget business hotels and resorts across India. A sensitive brand that believes in adding a few touches to the overall experience. A brand that will always 'do more'.


Identity Design

Brand Communication


Spree is all about the experience. Live. Play. Explore. Stay. Connect. Rejuvenate. Socialise. Wander. Breathe. Laugh. Love. Enjoy. Do More.

The tagline 'Do More' was our guiding factor for the entire brand design process.


The circular disc logo holds a spiral that moves inwards and outwards. The inward movement signifies indulgence. The outward movement represents the free spirit, and fluidity.


A brochure that provides a complete 'big picture' view of Spree Hospitality - the why, what, how and where.

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