Fresh. New. Recent-ish

Projects that we’ve completed in the last year or two…

City of New Beginnings

Celebrating all things Bangalore


An opportunity to imagine possibilities for the future

Partners Conservation Alliance

Enabling ethical nature conservation

Jaadui Pitara

An exemplar for Foundational Learning

Equal One

A community-centric economic development initiative

People + AI

The power of AI for social good


Pure. Artisanal. Single-Origin Chocolates.

Unboxing BLR

The city of new beginnings

The Pizza Bakery

Eating is serious business

AZB & Partners

Enhancing the personality of India's foremost law firm


Decoding the pandemic era work trends for law firm professionals

Suresh Venkat

Creating a personal brand for a maverick

IIT Roorkee | 175 years

Celebrating India's landmark institution


Living spaces with a touch of tradition and soul


Everyday conversations about health

Looking Up, Looking Back

From the archives – complex challenges and memorable experiences.
Along with a mix of our favourites.

Arati Mirji

Creating a signature flower, for a sugar flower artist

Foundation for Ecological Security

Conservation of land, forest and water resources in eco-fragile areas


Making space for resolution

Future Group | Annual Reports

A set of three Annual Reports for for a fast moving consumer generation

CMR University | Annual Diary & Calendar

For all the seasons in the year

Cinnamon Soul

A brand of handcrafted luxury soaps


The most playful socks you've ever seen

Bengaluru Design Week 2018

Breathing life into India's very first design week

Association of Designers of India

A voice for design in India

CMR Group of Institutions | Reflections

Celebrating a legacy of 25 years

Daily Dump

Fixing the broken compost route

A Thousand Cranes

Designing a brand that gives flight to wishes

Entrepreneurship Week

Living an entrepreneurial dream

Champions Tennis League

Bringing world-class tennis to India


A Performance Arts space dedicated to Theatre, Music, Dance and Comedy