Arati Mirji

Creating a signature flower, for a sugar flower artist.

Arati Mirji is a world renowned sugar flower artist from Bangalore. Arati’s specialisation lies in the confluence of art and science of sugar flowers. She creates realistic and natural looking sugar flowers with edible flower paste. Meticulous. Precise. Measured. And, skilled.

Via this personal branding exercise, we created a visual language for Arati, that is a true reflection of her personality and her professionalism.

The Signature Flower

The logo was created from a perfectly symmetrical and geometric flower. A reflection of Aarti’s precise approach to her work. Within the petals of the logo lie Aarti’s initials – AM.A clean and modern typeface, presented in lowercase to be more understated, to match with Aarti’s persona.

Graphic Tiles

A set of geometric tiles can be mixed and matched, to create a subtle pattern for Arati’s personal branding.

Sharing the Knowledge

Arati launched her own educational platform, as a way to share her skill and knowledge with others. The website offers courses in sugar flower making. Arati also retails her signature toolkit for sugar flower experts.

Launch website

What We Learnt

In this project, the client was also the creator. We were an extension of Arati's artistic vision, giving her the space to lead the way.Sometimes we create. Sometimes we make space for others to co-create.


  • Manu Neelakandhan
  • Seema Seth
Web Development
  • Lawrence Taur
Client Team
  • Arati Mirji
  • Vijay Mirji