City of New Beginnings

A sanitary-ware brand was looking to create a range of merchandise that celebrates the city of Bangalore. These products are gifted to their premium clientele as a token of appreciation – architects, interior designers, builders and home owners.

We decided to take forward something we had created for our other project, Unboxing BLR, where we had coined ‘City of New Beginnings’ as an open-source tagline that can be used by anybody in the city.

We created three product collections, distinctly different from one another. Two collections take inspired from different embroidery techniques in Karnataka – Kasuti and Lambani. The third collection celebrates the citizens of Bangalore.

Inspired by Lambani embroidery

Typography inspired by the rich, vibrant and joyous Lambani tribes. Lambani women in Karnataka are known for their traditional attire and textiles. Handcrafted lettering for ‘BLR’ which borrows from Lambani embroidery and patchwork techniques.

Inspired by Kasuti embroidery

Typography inspired by craft techniques of Karnataka. Handcrafted lettering for ‘City of New Beginnings’ which borrows from Kasuti embroidery.

The heartbeat of Bangalore

An illustration of the people of Bangalore – a mix of personalities, cultural ethnicities, and quirks.

From the retired couple on a park bench, to the startup founder at the coffee shop; the school students bursting out of a packed auto rickshaw, or the college students on their two-wheelers; the big gang at the brewery, or the intellectual guru at the local chai kada. This is a dedication to the heartbeat of the city - our people.


Design Director
  • Seema Seth
  • Rashmi Dinesh
  • Neha Dani
  • Solaippan R
Client Team
  • Manu Neelakandhan
  • Sowmya Srinath