Pure. Artisanal. Single-Origin.

Chocolates with an authentic story and pure flavours. Cocoacraft is a brand of single-origin artisanal chocolates from Kerala.

The brand strives for goodness, which is not only manifested in choosing the natural ingredients or right techniques, but also choosing thoughtfulness over greed, and relationships over individualistic growth. Fuelled by the ‘creator’ archetype, the brand is constantly improving and building on its product.

We had the opportunity to work with Cocoacraft on the design of the entire portfolio of products. This project started as a pandemic baby, but is one that we continue to work on even today.

The aroma of brewing coffee
blends with the distant sound
of hornbills from the cocoa farms.
A world serene, innocent and pure.
Deliberate and unhurried.
Put your feet up, close your eyes,
take a bite of your chocolate
and experience pure bliss.

Carecrafted in Kerala

Cocoacraft is the story of a family enterprise in Kochi, Kerala. A father-daughter duo have lovingly created this brand, the flavours and woven the story of their origin into their chocolates, with pride.

Cocoacraft has great respect for indigenous ingredients and the people behind them. Right from sourcing quality cocoa beans from select growers in Kerala to careful monitoring of the fermenting process; Cocoacraft is involved in every step of the way.

It is this world of natural nostalgia that we attempted to bring to life.

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Refining the details

We started with refining the original Cocoacraft logo. Cleaning up the details. Adding more clarity to the form. Making the logotype stand out better on the product packaging. Make it appear stronger on a retail shelf.

The brand had been around since the year 2000. It was widely recognisable in Kerala. We didn't want to take away from something that was so close to the heart of this family-run business. So instead, we added to it.

Celebrating natural ingredients

An old-world charm. A simple and slow life. Nostalgic. Pure. Imperfect, but real. Completely handcrafted. The design of the packaging enhances this Natural Nostalgia.

Eating Chocolates

Cocoacraft's retail collection includes Classic chocolate bars, Almond chocolate bars, and Sugar-free bars.

The Couverture Collection

This is Cocoacraft's best-selling category of products – Couverture Chocolates, great for eating or baking. We follow a strict colour coding system for the brand, that becomes recognisable over time. For this collection, we take cues from the natural life in the cacao plantations – hornbills, butterflies, sunbirds and sparrows.

Not just Chocolates

Cocoa Powder. Hot Cocoa. Chocolate Chips. Assorted Squares. Cocoacraft's vast collection of products required us to create a versatile visual language, that could adapt to beverages, baking ingredients or everyday indulgences.

Gifting Collection

This special edition premium collection is ideal for festivities. We've added a touch of shimmer and foil to these celebratory boxes.


Packaging Strategy
  • Runjhun Pacholi Bharadwaj
  • Seema Seth
  • Trusha Sawant
Shopify Development
  • Lawrence Taur
Client Team
  • Sanjana Kuruvilla
  • Cdr CT Kuruvilla