Future Group | Annual Reports

For a fast moving consumer generation

We designed a set of three Annual Reports for Future Group, for the financial year 2017-18 – Future Consumer Limited (FCL), Future Retail Limited (FRL) and Future Enterprises Limitef (FEL).

Each annual report is thematic, and intentionally visual. The theme allows for a visual narrative to unfold through its pages – and creates a common thread in photography, infographics, icons, content, as well as the layout across pages. The narrative is derived from the  key highlights of the financial year.


Future Consumer Limited

For a fast moving consumer generation. FCL is a consumer goods company owned by India's largest retailer, Future Group. The brands range from Sangi's Kitchen (dips, sauces and spices) to Sunkist (fruit juices), and from Kosh (oats-based food) to Nilgiris (dairy products).

We took a cue from the variety of brands under FCL, and developed a concept around 'community dining'.

A dining table with a variety of foods, taste preferences and cuisines. A bowl of pasta arrabbiata placed next to a plate of parathas. A bread basket, along with brown rice and chickpea curry. Chips, dips and chocolates. A community dining table is a comfortable blend – a bit of this, and a bit of that.​

Behind the Scenes

The photo shoot for the cover page of the annual report involved a lot of food (obviously) as we tried to recreate what a community dining experience could look like.

Future Retail Limited

FRL is a company owned by India's largest retailer – Future Group. It comprises of large retail formats like Big Bazaar, Foodhall, FBB, etc.

Retail 3.0 is a seamless integration of high-touch and high-tech environments. A layer of e-commerce embedded into physical retail environments.

We used an illustrative isometric style to unfold this story in the publication. The cover opens with what seems like a regular retail space, but on closer look, you see all the technology embedded – weight detection, price surges, cameras, mobile apps.

Future Enterprises Limited

Designing a consumption ecosystem – FEL is the manufacturing, supply chain and logistics division of Future Group.

Creating an ecosystem that supports all the various activities of Future Group. A system for logistics and manufacturing. We created a theme illustration that shows the links and flow between these inter-connected systems and functions.


  • Seema Seth
Project in collaboration with:
  • Idiom Design & Consulting
Client Tean
  • Dipayan Baishya
  • Runjhun Pacholi Bharadwaj