Living spaces with a touch of tradition and soul

Our legacy comes from our roots. Koraa’s work is inspired by the richness of our environment and culture. Meticulous details. Handcrafted treasures. And several stories passed down from one generation to another.

A brand that embraces ‘Indian-ness’. A brand that borrows from intricate details of craftsmanship – the stories, the nostalgia, and the charm.


Koraa is an interior & furniture design consultancy that is rooted in craft and tradition. Their work borrows from traditional techniques and materials. Simple. Elegant. Handcrafted.(The images used in the moodboard above have been gathered for inspiration, to set a tone for the project. These images have been sourced from multiple places on the internet, and are not our original images).


The letter ‘R’ is a visual play between Latin and Devanagari. A combination of R and र. This letter is extracted from the logotype, and used independently as a strong and memorable symbol.


A crisp tagline with three words that define the area of work (spaces), approach to work (stories), and the differentiator (soul).

The colours of heritage

An earthy colour palette, inspired by the richness of craft and tradition.


Design Director
  • Seema Seth
  • Aysha Nilofar
  • Anunya Raj
  • Pragyaa Maheshwari