Partners Conservation Alliance

Engaging with local and indigenous communities to promote ethical nature conservation

The Partners Conservation Alliance is a force multiplier – it is changing the way conservation is practiced across the world’s lands and oceans. The Alliance envisions a world where ethical, just, and inclusive nature conservation efforts are supported and led by local and indigenous communities.

We worked closely with the Partners Conservation Alliance to give shape, form and a voice to the brand.

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life brings together people, wildlife, ideologies, nature and life. Whether it’s a group of people gathering around a fire, or wild animals around a watering hole, we repeatedly see ‘the circle’ as a representation of connection, trust, community, diversity and co-existence.

The logo is inspired by this spirit and energy of The Circle of Life. It is a powerful representation of the PARTNERS principles, that the Partners Conservation Alliance is founded on.

Capturing the essence

The illustrations were created with the intent to capture the essence and magnificence of the species that the alliance is dedicated to conserving. Each illustration was carefully crafted, whether it was the distinctive beak of the hornbill or the elusive nature of the snow leopard.

Envisioning the website

We designed a website that can scale easily over time, as the Alliance grows stronger and larger. The website is a growing library of toolkits and resources, open to all.

Alongside the training material, we've included facts and insights about wildlife and various geographies.

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Design Director
  • Seema Seth
  • Seema Seth
  • Inshra Khan
  • Solaiappan R
Web Development
  • Pankaj Sharma
Client Team
  • Charudutt Mishra
  • Koustubh Sharma
  • Justine Shanti Alexander