An opportunity to imagine possibilities for the future

Sunbird (a collective seeded by EkStep Foundation) is an alliance of individuals and organisations, united by a shared mission to tackle grand-scale challenges. Sunbird offers a toolbox of innovative building blocks and an approach that has birthed impactful solutions.

Sunbird is a part of our everyday life. It is helping children learn, safeguarding your health, simplifying daily lives of over a billion people. And more.

Connecting Dots

The visual design is based on the metaphor of 'connecting dots' – imagining possibilities by connecting the dots. This idea unfolds in multiple ways – through the use of constantly connecting multiple types of dots; typographically, as well as in motion.

Sunbird Building Blocks

A building block enables users to do something specific in different contexts. Individually they are powerful digital assets, together they create possibilities.

An opportunity to create large-scale impact

Paul Klee's famous words 'a line is a dot that went for a walk' inspired a visual language so simple, yet so strong, that it allowed for multiple explorations and manifestations, without ever losing its core essence.

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Brand Strategy
  • Manu Neelakandhan
Design Director
  • Seema Seth
  • Neha Dani
  • Inshra Khan
Motion Design
  • Chaitanya Krishnan
Client Team
  • Shankar Maruwada
  • Avinash Raghava
  • Jagdish Babu
  • Pritha Choudhuri