Suresh Venkat

Creating a personal brand

Suresh Venkat is an Anchor, Editorial Consultant, & Pedagogue. Amongst other things.

His bon vivant personality needed to be mirrored in his personal brand. This was a project where we truly enjoyed the process, as well as the outcome.

Getting to know Suresh

We spent a dedicated few hours with Suresh, to get to know him better. We did this in a 'workshop' style discussion, where we guided him through several questions, triggers and thoughts.

The Logo

Suresh is a 'maverick' brand archetype. He enjoys taking risks, always challenging the status quo. He loves the idea of not being what people expect you to be. For him, we had to design a logo that showcased this duality, his maverick personality, with a flair of sophistication.

We created a 'dual' identity for Suresh – for his corporate side, and for his creative and social side. The typographic logo unit is used for most of his formal communication.

Whereas, the crest is designed to be a conversation starter. It holds tiny details, all of which are very personal to him. Suresh's personal motto is a mock-Latin phrase 'Illegitimi non carborundum'. Translated to English, this means "Don't let the bastards grind you down."

Colours = Conversation Starters

A palette with the most whimsical names. We seeked out colours with unusual names, that can be dropped into conversations casually, allowing Suresh to add his unique flair and flavour to his brand personality.

Each colour has a little historical anecdote associated with it. "Bastard Amber' is the favourite by a mile!

Suresh says...

"I have worked with Seema Seth in two capacities, as a designer and as the co-organizer of the Bengaluru Design Week. Seema has a sharp sense of colour, form and typography, as is evident from her body of work.

Seema worked on a corporate identity for me, a sort of personal branding exercise. She made the entire process fun, right from the brief to the research to the final choice of forms, colours and type. She is a pleasure to work with and good fun to hang out with. She's also a terrific conference organizer and event manager!"


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