Unboxing BLR

The city of new beginnings

Unboxing BLR is a participative and volunteer-driven project to craft a new brand narrative for Bangalore, through multiple media properties and perspectives. Vis-a-vis its past, Bangalore today has evolved into a multifaceted and versatile global city offering vibrant options for work, life and play.

Big global cities have created their own unique stories, style and ethos; but only some have managed to build a compelling brand. It’s our turn now. And we’re ready.

A narrative that needs to be articulated better.

A narrative that is important.

Unboxing as a discovery

Unboxing as a way of seeing. A window into the city, offering a different view. The logo is designed to be kinetic. The ‘o’ changes into different elements – heart, brackets, viewfinder and hashtag.

The Colours of Bangalore

Inspired by the riot of colours during the summer months. The beautiful flowering trees of Bangalore – fiery gulmohars, and regal jacarandas.

How can the citizens of Bengaluru
co-create this brand?
How can a brand include
multiple perspectives?
How can this brand live and grow,
like a beating heart?
Unboxing BLR is a participative brand.
The city, the citizens and you
shape this brand together.

One city. Multiple perspectives.

From filter coffee, to the green house of Lalbagh, from the fiery orange gulmohars to the coffee shops in every neighbourhood. Bangalore holds a special place in every heart. The logo becomes a place to represent these interpretations.

Truly Bangalorean

A set of illustrations that cue in the spirit and culture of the city. We intentionally steered away from a tech/ digital style, and instead created an organic illustration style that allowed us to introduce the flavour and personality of the city.

The Digital Platform

The website is an initiative to curate, facilitate and catalyze activities that will enable the citizens and communities of Bangalore to engage better with their city.

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  • Manu Neelakandhan
Design Director
  • Seema Seth
  • Seema Seth
  • Aysha Nilofar
  • Trusha Sawant
  • Prashanth Prakash
  • Malini Goyal
  • Avinash Raghava
  • Siddharth Ram